TIPS Procedure Explained on Video

The following video demonstrates the transjugular intrahepatic portal systemic shunt procedure TIPS used to lower portal pressure and lessen complications of portal hypertension.

This technique is usually performed by a radiologist but other clinicians can also carry this out. In this procedure a metal tube is passed across the liver to allow the blood in the portal vein to go straight into the hepatic vein and so bypass the high resistance of the liver. The procedure can take several hours to perform, but it is not without complications.

The most significant complication of the procedure is called encephalopathy wherein the patient may get a little bit drowsy, confused or in rare cases end up in a coma. This is because the blood usually clears toxins from the bowel and if these toxins bypass the liver they can affect the electrical activity of the brain.

6 thoughts on “TIPS Procedure Explained on Video

    1. Clint Post author

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your question. I am not sure what is normal in this case as neither myself, or anyone I have been in contact with has had this done. Hopefully someone may see your comment and respond accordingly? If not, I certainly hope that your son’s pain and nausea subsides and he feels better soon! Sincerely, Clint

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  2. Bhawsar

    Could anyone please tell me where this TIPS procedure can be performed on a PVT patient in India..?
    One of my frineds is suffering from PVT…it would be a great help..!!

    1. Clint Post author

      Bhawsar, I am sorry I did not reply to you sooner. I was hoping someone would respond to your question as I am unsure of where a procedure like this can be performed in your country. Have you heard anything by now? If so can you provide that name so I can add it to the list of specialists I have compiled so far?



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