Blood Clots and Travelling: What you should know

AmbulanceAgainstSky-sizedMuch has been written in the past few years concerning blood clots and travelling or the development of  such which are mostly associated with long periods of immobility. For several months I have given much thought about writing a post on the subject, but could never find a specific correlation to Portal Hypertension, except to say that when one has been diagnosed with a clotting disorder, it should heighten awareness for any potential related incidents.   The other reason for writing on this topic, is the fact that I unfortunately learned about an old high school friend that had passed away within the last year from a clot that apparently had developed in his leg, which may have started because he travelled extensively, and for long periods of time.

When I initially began to think about writing an article on this subject, I quickly discovered that many sites and materials had very much the same information throughout.  Because of my association with Clot Connect® ( based out of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina,  and their willingness to allow me to utilize their material on my blog, I am directing you to the following article recently posted on their site which I feel covers the subject extensively and more effectively than I could.


Personal Health Update:  Although I still struggle with intermittent pain and fatigue from the meds, there is thankfully a level of stability which I have enjoyed for quite some time now.  Besides bi-monthly iron infusions, I have 2 specialist appointments upcoming this summer, where I hope to get some clarification on some related issues.  One of the issues is a topic for another post, which I hope to report to you in a few short months.  Until then…keep looking up!


2 thoughts on “Blood Clots and Travelling: What you should know

  1. June reid

    I got bowel cancer last year which was successfully removed, however I went in to develop portal splenic mesenteric venous thrombosis. After 12 months they say it has recanalised and no longer shows on ct scan! On coming across your page, I’m confused as to why this hasn’t happened to others? Also does it mean that my clot has fully gone?!

    1. Clint Post author

      Thanks for your comments. Yes indeed rhey can recanalise altough it still seems rare from what I can surmise. I only know of one other person this has happened to out of the hundreds of stories I have heard since I began this blog in 2007, and am an administrator on a Facebook page called Portal Hypertension and Portal Vein Thrombosis in Children and Adults. I will send you the link via your email. You really have gone through allot and I am grateful they were able to remove the cancer. Clint


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