Children with Portal Vein Thrombosis. A Shunt for Jakob Temple… Will You Help?

Tonight I bring to your attention a story of a little British Columbian boy by the name of Jakob Temple.  Jakob is a 4 year old boy with Portal Vein Thrombosis (PVT).    Jakob has recently been approved for the Rex Shunt Procedure a relatively new procedure for PVT that has been successfully performed on just over 140 children in the world to date.  Jakob is scheduled to have the operation in January of 2011 and it will be performed by Dr. Riccardo Superina at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

Some friends of the Temple family in British Columbia are organizing a fund-raiser evening for them on November 12th to raise funds  for flights and accommodations while Jakob has the operation.  They will need to stay in Chicago for approximately a month for the operation and subsequent follow-ups at Children’s Memorial Hospital for the next few years.

I share this story in hopes that you or someone you may know may be able to help Jakob’s family?  I had the privilege to speak in person with Jakob’s Mom Jen earlier today, and she expressed her gratitude in advance for anything I/we could do to help in this situation.  Jen assured me that any additional donations received over the amount required will be directed to other families whose children require this life saving procedure.  Thanks for your consideration!

To view the news clip click here:

To donate you can contact Jen by email: or if you live in the lower Mainland of British Columbia you may wish to attend the auction or donate an item.  You may also contact Jacqueline Robertson at 604-910-4681 or you can email her at Jacqueline.robertson@live.kwantlen.netA special thank you to “Audra”  for forwarding this news clip to me yesterday!

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2 thoughts on “Children with Portal Vein Thrombosis. A Shunt for Jakob Temple… Will You Help?

    1. Clint Post author

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for your inquiry. Jakob recently had his one year check-up post surgery in Chicago and is doing fantastic! Please accept my humble apologies but I have not updated the information but will do so later today! There is a Facebook site called Portal Vein Thrombosis and Portal Hypertension in Children and Adults where Jakob’s mom has commented. You may find this helpful for yourself.

      Kindest regards,


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