Sonya *POST OP* … 3 days later (08-31-11)

 August 31, 2011 Update from Tatyana re: Sonya

As per email from Shelly earlier today, I am posting a message she received from Tatyana regarding Sonya’s current condition.  Sonya has rallied somewhat, but still is being monitored closely…

“I’ve seen your incoming calls but couldn’t answer. We’ve had a very rough day and night. Only now she feels better. She was extubated yesterday at 2:30 p.m. and was having trouble with breathing. She has pneumonia and needs oxygen all of the time, they tryed to reduce it’s volume but she turned violet in a seconds and her saturation failed.

Also yesterday she had problems with pain control.   Since she has been extubated and they were not sedating her anymore,  she was very restless, and has been moving and crying quite a bit. She became tolerant to morphin really quickly and we’ve seen the side effects such as breathing depression and agitation. Doctors didn’t really want to do anything about that until the new doctors from the pain control team came and observed her crying. They switched her to another drug and as soon as it started working, she felt more comfortable and was even able to sleep. But as you know the nurses are going back and forth all af the time and they kept waking her up all of the time to draw blood, check her IV lines, and to take her temperature etc. It is hard for her to have a long, healing sleep.  I have been there beside her most of the time, keeping her from harming herself, wiping off her precious tears, pushing the PCA button every 8 minutes or so, singing songs to her, or trying to do at least to comfort her.

Today they removed the NG tube and PIV. The arterial line started leaking so they had to remove it because arterial bleed is dangerous, and a fast way to loose blood. So she’s got only one PIV,CIV nasal oxygen catheters,  and has a pressure measuring manget on  her.

She is drinking juice with water now and looks happier then a day before”.

Tatyana is very tired and emotionally drained.  With Sonya now being able to drink juice and even looking happier, maybe Tatyana will be able to get some more rest.  As we continue to pray for Sonya, let’s also remember Tatyana and her family back at home.

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August 30, 2011 Sonya … After Surgery

It’s now shortly after midnight here where I am, and I want to update you on Sonya’s operation which took place early yesterday morning.  Shelly Hart was able to spend the day with Tatyana while she was in surgery today and again I and other’s are most grateful for that.  In Shelly’s own words I have copied and pasted 2 posts she made on Faceboook a few hours ago.

3 hours ago …

“Headed home. So thankful for the opportunity to meet an amazing woman who went to extraordinary lengths to save a baby that nobody wanted, in a country that viewed her as “damaged goods” and told her to leave her to die. Most of us dealt with medical problems with our birth children, but this mother CHOSE her, knowing the rough road ahead. I am utterly amazed by her compassion and faith”.

4 hours ago …

“Sonya is finally out of surgery after 11 1/2 hours of being under anesthesia. Dr.S tried 5 times to connect the shunt, but it clotted off almost immediately every time. He ended up doing a messocaval shunt which is the least desirable, but …is open and flowing. She is stable and Tatyana is anxiously awaiting to go to ICU to see her. They left her intubated for now to give her little body a break. Please pray that Tatyana will get rest and have strength to care for her and for Sonya’s quick recovery. It has been a day with tears of joy and tears of disappointment, but God is in control regardless if the outcome”.

Thanks again Shelly for your compassion and care for Tatyana yesterday.  Also want to thank everyone else for praying and for your words of encouragement for Tatyana through Facebook and otherwise.  Please continue to remember Sonya and Tatyana at this time.    I hope to speak with Tatyana later this week.  I’ll keep you all posted.

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Sonya’s history:


2 thoughts on “Sonya *POST OP* … 3 days later (08-31-11)

  1. Donna Limbaugh

    Just read all the updates and my heart breaks alittle. Tatyana was so excited at the prospect of the rex shunt. Poor little Sonya, I am glad to hear that she is improving. We will continue to pray for her and my husband and I are planning to get in touch with her and visit at the hospital. We had a 9 hour flight to get to know each other and I could hear the exhaustion and hope in her words. They touched our lives….

    1. Clint Post author

      Whoops I just missed your post. Glad you are praying for them. They have touched many lives with this story. There are so many other kids out there who need this operation, and my heart goes out to them and their parents as they face and battle through this most disconcerting condition!


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