Sonya *POST OP* One Week Later

September 5, 2011

As of noon yesterday (Sept. 4th) I received a message from Tatyana stating that Sonya continues to improve!  Tatyana said she was eating regular food, she is on oral pain medication (Tylenol), her infusion was disconnected, and she has even begun to walk a little although she tires quickly.  They also started her on oral blood thinners.

Tatyana was very elated with the great progress Sonya had made in just only one day!  She attributes that progress to prayer and she is thankful to everyone for being faithful to the cause!
The picture on the left was taken earlier today and below is a small powerpoint presentation of pictures taken Saturday and Sunday morning.
Click to view powerpoint:  Sonya’s Recovery

2 thoughts on “Sonya *POST OP* One Week Later

  1. Amy

    Yes, I truly believe that our prayers have been answered!! What a precious little angel Sonya is. Seeing the above pictures and hearing the good news made my heart hopeful that as we are soon on our way to Chicago, that Dr. Superina will have the experience and the wisdom to help our Alex in the best way possible. Thank-you God for all that you do and Thank-you to everyone that has been there and will continue to be there to pray for and support all of us. Love Amy, Alex and Family

    1. Clint Post author

      Thanks Amy for your prayers and support for Sonya. Sonya is a special little girl and I believe God has a plan for her.
      We will definitely be praying for Alex as the surgery draws near. Like Tatyana, I can’t begin to imagine how you must feel so I will remember you and your family also. Is there anything I can do for you besides pray?


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